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CFS2 Links
Aircraft Resources
Ship Resources
History ETO
History MTO
History PTO

 CFS2 Links
 CFS2 - Forums
 Netwings - Make your CFS2 look gooooooooood. :-)
 CFS2 - Addon-Aircraft
 Pacific Ghosts
 ACT (B-17 Flying Fortress)
 AC Wai (P-51D and other planes)
 Aerodrome WW I

 NEW, some sites dont work,  though
 Aerocrate - WWI Stuff in 2008
 Aeroplane Heaven (TOP Quality Payware Site)
 => Some freeware models - You need to sign up there to
 get them..
 Aerosim, Japanese Payware Site
 Akemi Mizoguchi
 Skins for Akemi planes
 Alex (formerly Flying Smurf) Wings and Coffee
 Alexander Schreijnders (Fokker G.IA)
 AlphaSim (Nice payware site) - some freeware stuff
 Many older freeware planes are uploaded under ALPHAoldies at the
 Aviation History (1% planes)
 Beyond 1945 (Japanese planes) - some freeware stuff
 Blue Arrow
 Bruno Druffort
 BRUNO (MALTA, Mosquito, Maryland etc.)
 Danny "Spook" Best - Repaints
 Designer Aircraft Group
 Jean Marie Mermaz (Dewoitine 520)
 Duxford Legends
 Easykill skins
 JED Padbury Aircraft
 Jean Marie Mermaz
 Kazunori Ito
 Kawauso Hermitage (by Igacci)
 Knokke`s Ki-44 Shoki TOJO
 KorovaMB (James Grimes) Bf 109 + Bf 110C
 Luftwaffe`46 fictional page
 Marc Steckel WWI Stuff
 MAS` repaints
 Mauro Giacomazi
 Mick 'n' Stiaan
 Mike Stone`s Hangar (FS9 - A/C need convertion)
 Mirage Aircraft
 Paul Rebuffat
 Pierino Primavesi the Ju-52 Factory
 Piloto Azul (Spanish-Civil-War-Addons)
 Polikarpov I-15
 DCC (XP-38N project)
 Denis da Silva e Daniel da Silva - support for
 Roy Chaffin (B-25)
 RFworks (Takaaki N)
 Nice  E16A Paul and H6K Mavis, 
 You need to ask a password to access the DL-page.
 Sea Fury
 Seafire review
 Stalin`s skins
 Stuart Green`s Hangar
 Supa Detail (finn Newicks Gladiator Skins)
 Techpower`s Boomerang Beta
 Ted Cook (FS9 models, that need to be converted)
 TEMPEST`s skins
 Tibor Stilz (Me 163)
 VB Planes
 Virtual Wings (Paul Strany)
 Wings Of Power Payware
 Mtyjr101 repaints
 Sakichi Systems
 Jap cfs 1 planes
 CFS2 - Gunsights
 Supa Detail -dead link
 CFS2 - Panels
 Comesk (Top 2D-Panels)
 CFS2 - Downloads
 Screaming Deamons (skins)
 AF_Packages (Add-ons by pen32win)
 Aluminiumcloud (nice skins)
 Cees Donker
 Combat Flight Center
 Combat Flight Sim
 L`Escadrille  L'escadrille
 CFS France
 CFS2 Utilities
 EFDT - Eastern Front Design Team
 Groundcrew Crew Design CFS2 Planes.php
 Musthave files
 Nibbio`s Effects (Addons)
 Pacific Ghosts FS Addons
 PacTex (The famous replacement textures)
 ROBINS poland and other stuff
 SimTECH (Freeware-releases of payware)
 WarRooster Miscellaneous Game Addons
 Martin Wright Addons (DXT and other musthaves)
 Dynamic Campaign Generator
 Peter Doson (FSUIPC)
 Franks Macros
 FSW Moon and clouds
 The Ghostfiles
 CFS2 - Addon-Scenery - EUROPE 2005
 Sander de Cocq is converting the FS9 land/waterclass-
 information into CFS2 readable format.
 Goal is to have lakes, roads, rivers and shorelines in our 
 Virtual Europe just like the stock CFS2 scenery in the PTO 
 CFS2 - Addon-Scenery
 1st Airfield Construction Squadron
 The site is down, but the idea will maybe come back....
 CFS Terrain
 Corsica FS stuff, works in CFS2 too
 FS Scenery Creator
 Jap Terrain scenery
 Yoshi`s ROLF scenery
 The second link is too the jap site, he has more stuff there.
 Lindsay Watt
 New Forest (Dan Hamblin)
 USA Terrain Mesh for FS2000
 Netherlands for FS2000
 Microsoft Flight Simulator Scenery Design Guide
 CFS2 - Scenery_Mesh_Stuff
 Geospatial engine
 GTOPO30 Global Topographical Data
 European Geospatial Data  Europe, GERMANY Geospatial Data from East View Cartographic
 Free GeoData
 Icelandic DCW images
 CFS2 - Addon-Ships
 Collin Glenndinning`s Shipyard
 Ground Crew Design CFS2 Ships
 IS4G Ships
 Leroy`s Scenery stuff (HMAS Krait)
 MAS` ships
 Netwings Ship Library
 Virtual Navy
 CFS2 Otherstuff
 Aerosim Addons
 RCAF 6 Group
 - 285213 - Combat Flight Simulator 2: Sound or Frame Rate Issues
 Polygon texture tutorial
 3D Concept - Transforms- und Lighting
 CFS2 Speshul Efeks
 Carrier Airwing 15
 3D-Design and and painting etc.
 Monitor Set-Up
 GMAX Tutorial
 GMAX Tutorial - Building a Loco...
 FS2004 Stuff
 Wolfgang Piper Soaring Planes :
 Top site /free downloads of nearly all classic Soarers !!
 EDOH Website
 Pengling Flugplatzinfo
 MSFS Gateway
 Helleinc Virtual ACC
 Hamburg Scenery



American planes
 B-17 Flying Fortress
 B-24 Liberator
 B-25 Mitchell
 B-29 Superfortress  B-29 Superfortress as flown by the Strategic Air Command
 C-47 Skytrain,Lew2.htm
 F4F Wildcat  F4F pt2 Wildcat diferences and colors
 Lockheed Hudson series
 P-38 Lightning
 P-39 Airacobra
 P-51 Mustang
 P-61 Black Widow  Black Widow Units
 PBY Catalina
 SBD Dauntless
 TBD Devastator
 general infos
 American Aces Signed Photos
 USAAF Insignia Patches
 US Aviation History
 U.S.Army and Navy Gunsights
 Australian planes
 Bristol Beaufort
 P-40 Kittyhawks
 P-51 Mustang*session*id*key*=*session*id*val*
 British planes
 British Aircraft Markings
 Blackburn-General Flying Boats
 Bristol Beaufighter  beaufighter
 Bristol Beaufighter Twin Scale R/C Model Airplane from Hobby Lobby!
 Bristol Blenheim
 Gloster Gladiator
 Handley-Page Halifax
 Hawker Tempest  Hawker Tempest Walkaround NV778
 Martin Maryland
 Short Flying Boats
 Supermarine Spitfire  Ken's Spitfire Page
 DeltaWings - Spitfire Page

 Kiwi Aircraft Images
 WW2 Airfield & Control Tower Home Page
 Czechs In RAF
 WWII Aircraft Archive

RAF Museum - Worth a Visit!
Make sure to visit the
 Chinese planes
 Early Chinese A/C
 Danish planes
 Maagen 3
 Dutch planes
 Flying _Dutchmen
 Finnish planes
 FAF in Color - Profiles
 Continuation War Photots
 Finnish Navy
 Browse to "THEME" for nice, free profiles
 French planes
 Bugatti  Bugatti Airplane Association; Bugatti Airplane History
 French aircraft
 German planes
 German A/C 1919-1945
 Howto paint the crosses etc. !!!
 Luftwaffe Badges/Emblems-Collection !!  Main page   &    Aircraft only
 Gliederung der Luftwaffe
 Luftwaffe-Profiles by Claes Sundin
 Arado Ar 196  ARADO Ar-196 A-5
 Technical Layout - Aircraft - General Information - Arado Ar196A-3
 Bordfliegergruppe 196
 Do 17/ Do 215/ Do 217/ Do 317
 Do 217
 Do 335 PFEIL (Lufthansa Fake)
 Fieseler Fi-156 STORCH  Fieseler FI 156 Storch
 Focke-Wulf Fw  58 WEIHE  Focke Wulf Fw 58 Weihe
 Focke-Wulf Fw 190  Focke-Wulf Fw190
 The Focke-Wulf 190 in Detail
 The Focke-Wulf FW 190 in Afrika
 Focke-Wulf Fw 200 Condor
 Heinkel 70 BLITZ
 Heinkel 176
 Junkers Ju 52  Ju-52 models
 Junkers Aircraft on Display
 Junkers Ju 88  Google-Suche: KG mediterranean ju 88
 Luftwaffe: Junkers Ju 88
 Polska Witryna Modelarska - Junkers Ju-88 A-4
 Junkers Ju 90 / 290 / 390
 Messerschmitt Bf 108 TAIFUN  Micha`s Bastelstube

 Messerschmitt Bf 109

 FAQ: Modeller's Special: Bf 109 Evolution E series
 Me 109 G-2 Black 6
 The 109 Lair- The Online Source for Me 109
 Bf 109F-2
 Messerschmitt Bf 110  Messerschmitt Bf 110G-4 by Randy Lutz (ProModeler 1/48)
 Messerschmitt Bf 110 G-4 Nightfighter
 Messerschmitt Me 262 SCHWALBE
 Mistels:  John`s Mistel page
 Siebel Si 204
 Captured Allied Planes PROFILES !!!
 Luftwaffe Fighter Aces Aircraft in Profile
 LW-wrecks in Norway
 Early Lufthansa planes
 General links  German fighter aces
 German Aircraft Markings
 Ace fighter pilots of WWII
 Preserved Axis Aircraft
 "Soldat Stuff" - repro cigarette-boxes etc.
 Flying Saucers ??
 Hungarian planes
 Several nice pics, most B/W
 Italian planes
 Macchi C.200 SAETTA
 Macchi C.202 FOLGORE
 Macchi C.205 VELTRO
 Fiat CR.42 FALCO
 Fiat CR.44
 Fiat G.55 FRECCIA
 Reggiane Re.2000 FALCO
 Reggiane Re.2001 FALCO II
 Gruppo Modellistico Sestese
 La Seconda Guerra Mondiale !!
 Comando Supremo
 Galleria fotografica
 Japanese planes
Aviation-Art by Shigeo Koike
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Marco Polo Import -- Hasegawa plastic model kits from Japan
Lifelike 1/72 decal page
Nihon Kaigun
Rod's WarBirds
Walkarounds (Real Japanese Aircraft Photos)
WWII TECH: World War II History - Japanese Aircraft - Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka (Baka)
Air Power of Japan
Kamikaze-Piloten im 2. Weltkrieg - Was trieb sie zu Ihren Todes-Missionen?
japanese model aircraft

 Kanji Japanese Writing
 Japanese Aero Engines
 Ki-27 NATE
 Ki-43 Hayabusa OSCAR
 Ki-44 Shoki TOJO
 Ki-45 Toryu NICK Ki-45_Youngerman
 Ki-84 Hayate FRANK
 Ki-115 Tsurugi
 Multiple models
 Multiple profiles
 pics of models

 A/C of the Sino-Japanese War
 Cockpits/Panels/Gauges/Gunsights !!!!
 Japanese Aces
 Japanese Ace - Saburo Sakai
 New Zealand planes
 - Kiwi Aircraft Images : Grumman TBM Avenger
Kiwi Aircraft Images : r95tbmt2 : Photo Page
 Russian planes
 ACE stories
 Cyrillic Alphabet Das kyrillische Alphabet
 Normandie-Niemen, the legendary French Unit
 Maybe offtopic, but if you need a new Russian  Fighter...
 MiG-3s and others
 YAK profiles
 Swedish planes
 Swedish Propeller Fighters  -
 Swiss planes
 World War II Minor Power Air Forces
 Historical Listings
 USAAF Aircraft and crew
 interned or crashed
 virtuelle Fliegerkompanie 21
 IV. International Flightmeeting in Zurich 1937
 Racer etc.
 Giro Aereo Italia
 Comics etc.
 Porco Rosso
 Modelreferences - Decals etc. - Top resources for skins etc.
 Paintschemes, color-references etc.
 => VERY informative => must see !!!
 (english +  german)
 Federal Standard Colors
 Federal Standard Color-Server
 Free Stencil Fonts
 Heads of figures
 Nice chopper pics
 Nice models
 Fujimi Boxes
 -  Country Flags (GIF Files)
 Fine Art Models
 German Helmet Decals
 Model airplanes ships aircraft aviation. Die cast aircraft models. 1-800-866-3172
 MODELLVERSIUM, das Modellbau-Portal von Modellbauern fr Modellbauer
 Accurate Miniatures
 Model Photo Gallery
 Harada 3D Gallery
 Wings models
 Freeware Card-models !
 DFS Glider
 Kancho's Paper Wings - Kangaroo & Su-1
 Aeromaster decals

 Cutting Edge
 Eagle-Strike  Eagle Strike Productions Decal Reference
 Lift Here
 Military Art
 Gary`s Military Art Page
 Nice Comics
 Aviation Art
 Barry - Top Aviation ART !!
 Brooks Artists Overview
 Philip Alexander
 3DCG Aircraft
 Duels Drawings
 FAA Archive 1939-1945
 Franck Wagner
 The Virtual Aircraft Website
 Aviation Art Net
 Aviation Artists  Aviation Art - The Artists
 Skyraider's 3D Aviation Art
 Pilot uniforms
 TOP-SITE !!!!
 General Aircraft-Profiles
 TOP Blueprints Site:
 Pabesoft profiles and infos
 THE profiles page
 To translate the kyrillic text use
 Don Colour
 Bob Pearson TOP-Profiles
 Stardust Studios
 General Aircraft-Photos
 TOP WW2 colour photos !!
 WW2 Colour Pictures
 Rise and Fall of the Seaplanes
 Vintage AC photos
 Warbird pictures
 Chino 2004
 Schulflugzeuge (Trainer)
 WW2 Aircraft-Cockpits =>Top site !
 WW2 Aircraft-Cockpits
 Motoren/Engines Photos !!
 Instrument Panels !!
 Cloud9 photography
 Modern planes




 Maritime Art
 Bilder und Gemlde
 Maritime Colours
 First Air Fleet
 Seekrieg 1942
 Freeware Card-models !
 Jap NAVY Rank Flags  Japanese Naval Rank Flags (1870-1944)
 Combined Fleet  Nihon Kaigun
 Japan Fleet Gallery  japangallery
 Profiles  ͑DACRJ01
 Naval Encyclopedia  LemaireSoft's Naval Encyclopedia of World War 2
 Aircraft Carrier  AirCraft-Carrier Hiyo_class.html
 Aircraft Carrier HIYO-class  "Hiyo" Class Auxiliary Fleet Aircraft Carriers
 Aircraft Carrier JUNYO  Junyo
 BB Yamato  Yamato Turner
 Die Schlachtschiffe der Yamato-Klasse
 BB Kongo
 Destroyers  Materials of IJN (Vessels Numbered destroyers)
 IJN SHIPS Associated with HMAS Perth  IJN SHIPS
 Destroyers of Imperial Japanese Navy
 Imperial Japanese Naval Aircraft Submarine PAGE
 Akitsu Maru
 Hilfskreuzer ATLANTIS

 Hilfskreuzer THOR (my grandfather served on her)
 Bismarck  Bismarck - Birth Place - Blohm + Voss GmbH Shipyard, Hamburg
 Bismarck - Illustrations and Drawings
 Graf Zeppelin

 40 mm gun
 Russian Seaplane models



 Montreal St.Hubert
 US NAVY BLIMPS  U.S. Navy Blimps of WWII
 Nice Old Pictures
 Freeware Card-models of Zeppelins



 History - ETO - European Theatre of Operations
 UT Library Online -Europe Maps
 Administrative Areas of England
 Administrative Areas of Scotland
 Trenches on the Web
 Albatros DVa Profiles
 Delta Decals  Delta Decals 72-005 for WWI Imperial German Air Service
 FCM World War One Decals
 Mark Miller's 3-D Albatros D.Va
 Fokker DR.I
 JaSta profiles
 First Quarter (1900-1925) profiles
 Stephen Lawson
 Steve Hustad's 1/72nd Models
 RAF_Organisational Index_P
 Rosebud's WWI and Early Aviation Image Archive
 The dawn patrol paintshop
 World War I Modeling Galleries
 World War I Modeling Page
 Over the front
 WWI Aviation
 Sopwith Models
 Spanish Civil War
 La Cucaracha SCW-Diary
 Aircraft of the Spanish Civil War - TOPSITE
 Aviones de la Guerra Civil Espaola

 Aircraft of the Spanish Civil War
 Armas, aviones y material de las Fuerzas
 Armadas Republicanas
 Aviacin republicana
 Spanish Me 109s
 8th AF
 8th AF Fighter Groups  55th Fighter Group Gallery --
 8th Air Force Fighter Group -
 9th AF
 US Bomb Groups in Europe
 Battle of Britain
 Luftwaffe Flugpltze + Fliegerhorste in WW2  Der Bunker
 Fliegerhorst Bremen-Neuenlander Feld
 Fliegerhorst Greifswald
 Flugplatz Lrz (Erprobungsstelle Rechlin)
 Flugzeugwerk und Flugplatz Wenzendorf
 Me 163B airfields
 The 163B airfields: Venlo
 Night Fighters 1933-45
 Where are they now
 Luftfahrtspuren in Schleswig-Holstein
 Schleswig-Holstein aus der Luft
 T 2 Heinkel He 115
 The Airfield
 Railway guns/ Flak
 Schleswig - Jagel
 Luftwaffe Unit-History / Timeline

 Luftwaffe Radar stations in Norway 1940-1945
 Huertgen Forest
 The Battle of the Huertgen Forest
 Atlantik Wall airfields
 Axis Airfields
 Croatia - independent state
 Mussolini facts
 How to write/read Suetterlin, the old german handwriting.
 Books (german)
 General WW2
 Top Danish Site
 Color pics !!
 Europe today
 Vacation pics from a german family.
 A bit off-topic, but these pics are just too nice, if interested in
 Normandie/Northern France or Skandinavia.
 VERY NICE long-term-photographs of oceans and shores,
 lighthouses etc. in professional quality.
 Grere Nuklearwaffenlager in Europa



 History - MTO - Mediterranean Theatre of Operations
 Libyan Landscape pics
 8th Air Force  8TH AIR DEPOT
 8th Air Force 306th BG
 315th Fighter Group "Checkertail Clan"
 99FS Tuskegee
 Operation Torch  Operation Torch Delayed--Part 4 best sites for HISTORY
 Operation Pedestal - Supporting Malta
   Naval Oceanographic Office Bulletin
 Planes and Pilots of WWII
 WW2 1st Fighter Group Bases - North Africa
 The North Africa Campaign
 Long Range Desert Grouo
 Jagdgeschwader  5 in Norway
 Jagdgeschwader 27
 Snake-Stuka-Info [german]
 Hans Joachim Marseille
 Luftflotte 2
 WW2 Colour Pictures
 Regia Aeronautica



 History - PTO - Pacific Theatre of Operations
 Hawaii + Japan  Map 1: Hawaii and Japan
 Military. com Top info site Resources
 1939 Sino-Japanese War
 Hakans Aviation page
 The Nomonhan Incident
 The Sino-Japanes war Timeline
 Flying Tigers  Flying Tigers: Claire Chennault and the American Volunteer Group
 5th Army Air Force
 5th Army Air Force - 38th Bomb Group "SunSetters"
 10th Army Air Force  10th AIR FORCE UNITS
 13th Army Air Force
 20th Army Air Force  6BG:
 Enola Gay - Former Exhibition Information

 USMC in the Solomons
 Old CMP
 -  admiralties-map04.JPG (JPEG-Grafik, 600x667 Pixel)
 Military Airfields in Australia and the w. Pacific area during WW2
 Fotos aus Sangat, Busuanga, Philippinen
 Dai James' Naval, Maritime and Aviation Pages - Index
 La conqute des les Mariannes et la bataille de
 la mer des Philippines
 -  U.S. Navy Fighting Squadrons
 Tom Blackburn - Jolly Rogers CO
 Cargo Kulte
 Japanese Deployments
 Japanese Tanks
 Japanese POW Camps, aerial Pics !
 The Burma campaign
 1946-1965 Indochina
 Incident de Lang-Son (39/45)  -french-
 French Counter-Insurgency Aircraft, 1946-1965
 Air War over French Indochina
 Avians Indochine 1947
 China Vietnam France Indochina War 1882-1883
 Wargaming the First Indochina War, 1945-1954
 Paper Money of French Indochina
 Viet Nam
 Air War
 Viet Nam unit links
 Pics of a pilot in VietNam



 Florida Lighthouses

 Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields



 Little known Wars
 Brushfirewars - very interesting



 General Aviation
 TIE-Fighter Bay
 Luftwaffe Tornado pics
 Luftwaffenmuseum Gatow




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