My CFS2 Page

Hi & welcome to my virtual place on the net !

My name is Michael and I am playing with this sim now nearly since it`s release.

You maybe know me from some forums under the name "Jaxon",
what is an abbreviation of "Jackson" - my nickname from childhold days - just shortened for online use.
I have no clue why I got that name, but some close friends still call me like this even today.

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I mainly like CFS2 because of the enormous potential to enhance it.

CFS2 features the whole world just like the civil flightsims from Microsoft.

So there is enough space on our virtual world to fill with addons.


And here is my place to share my knowledge and files with you:

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  Any questions, suggestions or whatever?

Please contact me via my main page:

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Michael Reimer 2006/2007