Jaxon`s CFS2 Downloads

Version 2005_12_30

I haven`t done a real new toy for this sim, like I did for Jane`s WW2-Fighters some years ago,
but I still tweak my CFS2-files here and there. Maybe you have a use for these files, too.

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 My downloads at the sim-outhouse server

I have uploaded some files (Tweaked models etc.)

at the sim-outhouse server :

Get them HERE

Files, that I somehow think are maybe work in progress etc. are still to get here :

 Enhanced stock textures
  New Parachute(s) & Updated Pilots (December 2005)

 What started as chute tinkering, soon went out of control.

 So I decided to make an own page about that.

 Learn about the pilot and grab the files there.

 Click on the pic at right to go there.

  New Mini-World Texture (January 2005)

 Repainted bmps for the stock-Mini-World from the Mapview.

 I stumbled over the stock-textures while searching for something
 completely other.
 First I thought, I would get rid of the in game "green"-horizon in
 Africa etc.
 Well, this did not work, but the textures affect the little Mini World
 from the map view in the smalest Level of Detail (Far away).
 This is better than the stock one, so I suppose some others out
 there will like it, too.


  Palmtree (January 2003)

Reworked bmp for the stock-palmtree.

- Larger, clearer image
- Slightly darker texture to get rid of the comic style
- Better alpha-texture (leaves aren`t opaque any more)



 The Propellers are to get from an own page.

 Click on the pic at right to go there.



Click here to download !

  Small Wooden Bridge Fix (January 2003)

 Fix for the "inf_small_wooden_bridge.bmp

 Please replace the stock one in your: 

 CFS2-root/ Scenedb/ inf/ texture 

 ..folder to get rid of the black areas. 

Before :

After Fix :

  Large Tent Fix (January 2003)

 Reworked "inf_tent_large.bmp".
 Well, this isn`t really a fix, but I like it.
 - Same technique as used on the bridge

  Controltower-Windows (May 2005)

Reworked "inf_controltower_american.bmp".
Well, this isn`t really a fix too, but I like it even more than the tent.
It looks from its design, as if the tower had windows.
Why not spending him some ?
Unfortunately battle damage or low flying stones broke some of the windows again.
Gives it somehow a more realistic note, you have to look carefully to see it, though.

Installing is like like the two above.


Enhanced textures for USIO`s Addon-ships

Get the ships here:    http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~HK3M-KNK/

Retextured deck for Destroyers and new flag (2004)
On nearly all pictures I have seen on the net, the IJN ships have this brown deck. So I repainted the one from Usio.
It is maybe only personal taste - but I like it.

Same for the flag, gives a real look.
Made from a pic of an eBay auction, which I did not win :-(
Actualy, the picture was as good as the whole flag would have been ;-)

Just replace the files in the texture-folder.
Note: USIO uses different names for the same texture on different ships.
Locate the correct textures with irfanview or other programs that offer previews of the textures and rename them properly.


Here is the HC TAKAO featuring these textures :

Retextured deck for Aircraft Carrier HIRYU (2004)
For a more realistic wooden finish.

Just replace the files in the texture-folder.



The Effects are to get from an own page, click on the pic to go there.




 Skins for CFS2-planes
  JaSta 5 Skins (April 2005)

The skins are to get from an own page, click on the pic to go there.


  Pearl Harbor Leader Vals (May 2004)

(EI-238), CV Shokaku
LCdr Kokuichi Takahashi
Lt Soizu Koizumi

(BI-231), CV Soryu
LCdr Takashige Egusa (pilot)
Cpo Itasuki Ishii (observer)
red flame painting called
"Jaja Uma" or "Akatora"

= Commandplane 2nd Wave


  "perforated" wings for the CFS2 SBD Dauntless (January 2005)
Modified alphachannel of the texture.

complete plane with modified


working VC, flaps , divebreaks etc. - all what is known yet is fixed on this A/C.

Just a copy of the Dauntless I have installed.

All you need is a panel and sound, because I think most of you have these already.

Feel free to add the included alphachannel to other SBD repaints.


 Addon - Scenery
  Sylt-Westerland, Northern Germany (Beta) (2003)

Sylt is the farest northern island of Germany in the North Sea.
Today it is a high-society area and many rich cititizens of Hamburg spend their weekends there, because it is just two hours in car away.
During WW2 the total island of Sylt was military area with no less than 4 (5?) airports on it.
Famous after the War when the Tommies collected german late war planes for further testflights on this airport too, before transferring them via the Netherlands to England.

Future plans :
If I will find some time, I am still trying to built all Airfields in the Northern Part of Germany.
There are about 10 in total, which I already have begun.
I have made an own site about this project :

Northern Germany Scenery Page

The Sylt-scenery will be updated, until it is done, you can still get this old one here.

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